The artwork is balancing at the border between realism and fantasy. Detailed animal figures against one background colour.

dated 2012 until 2012 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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Foster mother


Mother fox is surrounded by her twelve adopted babies.

Still available as LIMITED EDITION



For this work I get inspired by Utopia, the book of Thomas More (1516), in which he describes an idealistic world. I have imagined this idealistic world in a painted installation, existing out of forty small canvases (15x25 cm), depicting a metropolis. The work is dedicated to all inhabitants of million cities, in which a multicultural population lives together in identical skyscrapers. A society which I imagined by colored birds, from all kinds of countries and in all individual tonalities. An idealized image in which everyone lives together in perfect harmony. It is posible to buy the artwork in total or by piece. A sold 'birdhouse' will be replaced by a new copy and get a new occupant. On this way the whole 'skycraper' will stay intact, but the occupants will change. Just like what happens in a real metropolis. You can find more info about this project on the information page. Here you can meet all the occupants of 'Multicultural' 

Walk the Fish


Flying fish on a leash.



Meeting between a scarabee and oriental shorthair 'Dippy', represented as 'Bastet', the Egyptian Cat Goddess.
According to the Egyptian mythology, the scarabee symbolises the rising sun.
This because of the dung balls, which are made by the beetles. The round shape of the balls have been associated with the sun.
The same mythology says that the Bastet is i.a. the goddess of happiness in life.
Furthermore, Bastet would have killed the snake which descend the sun.
That's why many Egyptian cat figures carry the symbol of a scarabee on there chest.



Reunion between an old Beagle and a fox.

Going nuts


Squirrel standing before his huge collection of hazelnuts.

Allegro non Troppo


Duck is trying to play on a harmonica. 
The painting was an order for someone who likes ducks and plays harmonica.
It symbolizes that it is good to have an aim in life. Also when it isn't always possible to reach. But not only the aim is important, also the way to get there. Try to enjoy as much as possible.
This comes back in the title of the painting: 'Allegro non Troppo'.
'Allegro' is an Italian music term that reflects the character of a piece of music. It means a lively, cheerful and living play.
'Allegro non Troppo' means lively, sparkling, but not to fast.

I Wish


Toad in a wishingwell. The animal is surrounded by wealth, but is he really rich! An imagination that money doesn't always bring happiness.

Eternal Dreams


Rabbit dreams an eternal dream. In this he will be guided by the butterflies.