Since I was a young boy drawing has been a passion. I used to fill many sketchbooks with drawings, mainly of animals. 

Most people expected I would study Arts, but I had other plans. Ever since kindergarten it was clear to me; I wanted to become a forester and drawing could always be a hobby.

Eventually it didn't turn out that way. I went to college and made my living as a landscape architect. But nevertheless, I never stopped drawing. During my study and work, reports were always fully illustrated. This led to different offers, which made me a freelance illustrator besides my regular job.

I also started making several paintings for relatives and friends, mainly realistic paintings depicting aspects of the natural world, such as landscapes and animals.
For a long time, I had the idea to make personal and different artwork. This inspiration resulted in works which do form a mixture between contemporary art (colour, shape and lines) and realism (strong details). In 2003 I started working this way and ever since 2004 I make my living as a professional artist.