Balancing at the border between realism and fantasy, I paint detailed animal figures against one  background colour. A good sense of humour, confrontational human feelings and constructive criticism on our contemporary society are common. There is always a hidden message in the painting. It's up to the public to find it.  

The composition is never a coincidence, but is always meant to draw attention to the story behind the work. The background colour choice can harmonize with the animal, can be used as a symbol or just to create beautiful contrast. 
Emptiness is a mode of perception, a way of looking  that ensures that a minimum distance is created between the spectator and the work of art.
To start the painting process, I use a lot of pictures. These examples are used to make the animals as realistic as possible. I study the movement of the  animal, the attitude, the look in the eyes, the structure of the fur and the specific character to let the animals live throughout the painting. You simply  want to hug the animal or hold it in your hands. To intensify this feeling, I paint the animals nearly life size.